How to Deal With a Wall to Wall Carpet

There are situations in which you need to get below your carpet, only wall-to-wall carpets are usually attached to the margins of a room and the job is not as easy as it may seem. Attaching is done by using furring strips: narrow wood pieces that provide backing to support a finished surface. Along the wall, these strips are nailed to the sub-floor and the carpet is stuck to them by means of many carpet tacks. Their purpose is to hold the edges of the carpet in place.

There are few necessary tools for lifting the carpet: rubber mallet, wood shims and a pry bar. Furniture will stay in your way, so you better move the pieces that may complicate your task. Work with care as you may get hurt in the tacks. Put on your safety gloves and start in the corner of the room that is closest to the area of the floor you want to get to. Loosen the edge of the carpet held by tacks with the pry bar. If there is base molding along the walls, put a wood shim behind the heel of the pry bar so that you don’t damage the molding in the process. Pull back the carpet until you reach the point that interested you and place some heavy objects on the carpet ends so that they stay in place as long as it is needed. You will also fold back the padding, generally a kind of foam. The padding is sized to fit within the perimeter of the furring strips. Be careful around the furring strips, they are tacky and your clothes can get clung. After your job below the carpet is done – fixing the floor or a pipe – replace the padding and flatten it. You can now pull the carpet down. Press it in place along the furring strips and use your rubber mallet to tap the carpet back on the tacks.

Source by Ed Raine

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