How To Remove a Red Stain From a Carpet

A red stain on your carpet from a drink can be frustrating to say the least. A red stain from a drink that uses red food coloring is considered permanent by most, it is not, it can be removed. There is only one way to remove a red food coloring stain and to use any other method will only damage your carpet.

Methods for removing red food coloring stains that do not work.

1) Bleach- this will damage the carpets original color and leave the food coloring stain righ were it was.

2) Resolve carpet spray- Though a good carpet spotter it will have no chance to remove this stain.

3) Dish soap- This will just leave a soapy residue in the carpet, in the end this will make the stain a biggert problem.

4) Blotting with a wet towel- This will remove excess red dye that has not penetrated the carpet fibers but the red stain will still be there.

5) Steam cleaning the carpet- This will have no effect on this type of stain.

6) Dry cleaning the carpet- no chance to remove a food coloring stain.

There is only one way to remove a food coloring stain. A good professional carpet cleaner will know what is needed to remove these type of stains. The do it yourself person can do it as well, but if it is just one or two red spots it will be cheaper to hire a carpet cleaning professional to do the job.

Source by David M Reed

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