How To Remove Blood Stains From Your Carpet

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it most probably will, sometime. You will drip  blood  unto your carpet, or you will discover some one else’s  blood   stains  on your carpet. Hopefully, you will detect this soon after it happens because like with most other  stains , the longer  blood  stays on your carpet, the more difficult it is to remove it.

But, not to worry.  Blood   stains  may be removed fairly easily from carpet, if you know what you are doing.

First of all it is important to recognize what the stain is. I have seen carpet cleaners who barge into a home, sees red on the carpet, and without asking any questions or attempting to diagnose the problem or identify the  stain , begin immediately to apply inorganic red-stain  removal  techniques. This is the perfect recipe for disaster.

Blood is primarily protein which is highly reactive, and is particularly sensitive to heat. At elevated temperatures it will bind chemically to the carpet fabric and may set in permanently. In any case, it will become very difficult to remove.

Since it is a protein, the best material to remove it will be an enzyme-based spotter with near neutral pH. There are many household cleansers with these specifications, but you should read the labels carefully before trying to use any of them to remove  blood   stains .

A word of warning here. Be very careful when handling blood that is from someone other than yourself. You will be risking contamination from blood-borne diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. Always wear suitable protective gloves and wash your hands thoroughly with hot germicidal soapy water afterwards.

So, if you have fresh  blood   stains , first blot up as much as possible by dabbing the spot with a clean white cotton or paper towel. Try to avoid smearing the spot by rubbing sideways as this will only cause the stain to spread. Next flush the stain with COLD water and then dry the spot thoroughly with a clean towel. Repeat this step as many times as necessary. This should take care of fresh  blood   stains .

For older stains you will need to first scrape off any congealed matter with a dull spatula or a spoon, and then flush with cold water and dab with a dry towel to remove moisture. Most likely the stain will still be there at this point. Now, apply the COLD neutral enzyme spotter and leave for about 15 minutes. Then flush and dry.

If the stain is still there you may try flushing with a dilute household ammonia solution. About 1 tablespoon of household ammonia to 1/2 cup of water should be adequate. After about 10 minutes, spray the spot with clean water from a spray bottle and then blot it again to remove moisture. Then, spray it again and cover it with a towel and leave it to dry.

If this doesn’t get it all out, call a professional carpet cleaner.

Source by Victor Nugent

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