How to Remove Ink Stains From Clothes

Ink stain on the clothes is one of the problems of cleaning clothes and hence many people go to the drycleaners. Ink stains are simple and common problem of every house. People use cost detergents to remove the stains. Still some ink stains do clean. Many people have to give up their new dresses. Housewives are often irritated of their school children's dresses. So this is an attempt to provide some tips for removing ink stains from the clothes.

There are different categories of ink stains. Water ink stains are often easy to remove. You will get many types of liquid and powder to remove the water stains. But the permanent ink stains are more difficult to remove. These kinds of stains take more time and higher quality liquid or powder.

If a cloth stained with water ink, place the stained area on top of a clean and dry white towel. Use water to the ink stain. Blot with another clean white cloth. Slowly the stain will remove while you will be using water and blotting it.

You can also use normal liquid to remove ink stains. Use only 2-3 drops of the liquid onto the ink stain and wait for 5-7 minutes. Then blot it slowly and the stains will remove.

It is better if you use hot water for removing the stains. Before drying the cloth, make sure that the stains removed completely.

Many people and school children carry ball pen in their pockets. Most of the time pockets are stained with ballpoint ink. Pocket stains often feel odd. Use the clean white towel. Place the stained area on top of a clean white towel. Use alcohol to the stain, rub it smoothly and blot with another clean white cloth. Stains will remove as you blot.

You can also use nail polish for removing ballpoint ink stains. Apply nail polish to the ink stain and blot with another white clean cloth. The stains will remove, as you will blot it.

Normal liquid can be used to remove ballpoint ink stains. Just use 2-3 drops of the detergent powder or liquid onto the stained area. Wait for 5-7 minutes and rub it slowly the stains will remove as you rub it. Warm water can be used to wash stain clothes.

These are simple steps for removing ink stains from clothes. There is no difficulty when you will follow these tips. This article will also save your money that would have to pay to drycleaner.

Source by Allan Wilson

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