Ideas for Cleaning

Everyone wants to have a clean and tidy house, but no one wants to spend hours  cleaning . Everyone has his own way or a plan for  cleaning , but few are those who enjoy all that housework and never complain about a single thing. We will offer you some ideas that may not make you jump with joy while  cleaning , but will work if you practice them during the  cleaning  process.

Schedule  cleaning 

Yuck! Is that what you think? Not only that you need to clean, but you have a plan to do? Isn’t that too much? Yes, but you do need discipline, because it is what changes the time from non-efficient to efficient and that is the most important thing in the  cleaning  process. So how could we make up a plan? Making a schedule is a good idea especially if you are likely to follow it, and by  cleaning  regularly and by following its rules, you will feel less stressed, and finally your home will be a nice place to relax.

Instead of getting yourself a headache with a full  cleaning  in one day, follow a day-by-day schedule. On Monday, clean the bedroom, make the bathroom shine on Wednesday, and on Saturday get with the living room and so on. When we say that you should specify days of the week to clean a room, that doesn’t mean that the used utensils in the kitchen should stay unwashed until the next Tuesday. That’s not a proper way of  cleaning  your house, but quite the opposite. If you find the idea of day-by-day schedule too difficult to follow then create one that suits your free time better and adjust it to you everyday schedule. At the end there might be some really good results.

Preparations for  cleaning 

Keep  cleaning  products near the space that you are going to clean. This will save you wandering around the floor of the house for hours thinking about where you have left the cleaners. In each room find a place such as a drawer where you can put all the preparations, and this will save much time for the  cleaning  process. It will be very practical to buy a large plastic box for storing all cleaners and all other items for  cleaning . So you will not have to constantly go in and out of the room looking for a different product.

Mini-cleaning technology

When you’re in the bathroom, for example, after using the sink, clean with wipe or with kitchen paper the mirror, which always has traces of soap or splash of toothpaste. No need to use chemicals to protect the bathroom mirror, it is necessary to dry each time when it gets wet. Likewise act in other rooms – after dinner, wash all the plates, forks, spoons and knives. Wipe and dry the table so that it could be ready for use again. In each room apply this mini  cleaning  technology, and will feel that you are living in a much cleaner and more beautiful home. And that is exactly what we want, don’t we?

When you regularly clean and monitor the “cleanliness status” of your home you will not have to spend all day for  cleaning . When you see dirt on the floor, clean it quickly with a vacuum cleaner. It is really easy not to leave all the work for tomorrow.

Source by Kashif Munir Baloch

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