Ink Removal For The Professional Carpet Cleaner

If you are a professional carpet cleaner you need to be able to handle just about any situation that comes your way. One stain that you are likely to see often is ink. Whether it is from a kid playing with a pen or a case of the dog chewing one up, ink will always find a way on to carpets. Read this article for some tips that will enable you to handle ink stains.

Ink stains are really not as difficult as you might think if you follow a few steps. First off you should know not to apply a general spotter or pre-spray to the carpet. You might think that it will come out with a general cleaning and it might but there is also the chance that this will spread it. Instead of trying a general cleaning first you should spot clean it with an ink remover. Visit your local supplier and purchase an ink remover. It is one of those specialty cleaners that you should just not be without. When you arrive at your customers home you will want to get your ink remover and a few cotton terry cloth towels. Do not apply the ink remover directly on the spot as this will cause it to spread potentially making a 1/4 inch spot into a 4 inch spot. Instead apply it to a cotton terry cloth towel and dab the ink spot working from the outside in. Keep at it until all of the ink is removed or until it no longer transfers to the towel. This process can take some time so be sure to charge accordingly. After the ink no longer transfers to the towel or after it is completely removed you can go ahead with your normal cleaning or if you are only spotting you can clean the spot.

Hopefully this article will assist you in ink removal. It is a service that every carpet cleaner should offer and one that can add to your bottom line as well as make you many happy customers. And remember, a happy customer is a customer who will be with you forever.

Source by James C

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