Ink Stain Removal Tips

Ink stain removal is one cleaning task that people really do not enjoy doing because of the potential for not being successful. Here are some tips for ink stain removal on a carpet:

o Take a thick absorbent white cloth or towel with hair spray and dab the area with the cloth

o Blot it with a dry towel to remove

People always have home remedies for cleaning that they have procured from their parents or grandparents or just from their own trial and error. Here is another tip for ink stain removal to try on your carpet:

o Three teaspoons of baking soda mixed into a glass of warm water

o Pour it on the ink stain

o Cover it with a few clean cloths

o Wait until it dries and the stain should be gone

Here is another tip for ink stain removal to try on a stain from a ballpoint pen:

o Spray hair spray on stain

o Wait until it dries

o Brush with a mixture of vinegar and water

There is another tip for ink stain removal that you can try if the others do not work or if you would rather try this one first:

o Sprinkle some salt on the stain

o The salt should absorb the ink

o Wipe off the salt

o Keep doing this until all of the stain is gone

o A clean cloth should be used to finish the wiping after the stain appears to be gone.

o This process needs to be done as soon as the stain occurs

Another home remedy for ink stain removal is rubbing alcohol; it works better if it is ninety percent isopropyl alcohol. Regardless of the method used, it is easier if the stain is treated quickly. The alcohol is applied to a white cotton cloth and then you must carefully blot the stain so that the ink does not spread at all. Repeat this process until all the ink is out of the carpet. One tip to note is that you should not pour the alcohol directly onto the carpet.

Source by Tom Houser

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