Law of Attraction: A PARADIGM Of Personal Power

So you think your words do not carry any weight, huh? So you talk, and then people forget, right? You blend in with the rest of the "feel good chorus." Well, you may be right. And you may not be.

Four years ago I spoke to a group of graduating high school seniors. The topic was actively creating a vision for the future, as opposed to simply going down the road to college like most others were.

(There's a reason for that, but that's a whole different article.)

This morning I got an email today from of the young men in that group. He found me on line. Here's part of what he wrote …

… you said paradigm is the most important word we'll ever learn. I agree! When you see one thing with different paradigms it's incredibly useful! I think of a paradigm as one kind of lenses to put on in a certain situation. You switch the paradigm and you see things through different lenses. Like, a psychological paradigm, a physics paradigm, etc. They're all interacting all the time but you can kind of choose which paradigm to see things with in a given situation. I'm gonna stop before I ramble but I always wanted to tell you that I think it's a really important word.

One word. From a one hour talk. Four years later.

He might not ever have been exposed to the word paradigm before. Or he might have read or heard it hundreds of times. Does not matter. Because that day Larry Hochman said it to him.

With Larry Hochman's brand of energy, enthusiasm, authenticity and gravitas.

(Another great word … gravitas. Look it up if you do not know what it means.) That's not ego. It could just as easily haven been (insert your name here) 's energy, etc.

If you've got that energy to give. We all have it. It's a question of how much access you've permitted yourself.

Think what you do and say does not make a difference? It does not, if you walk with the energy and paradigm of a small person. If DOES, if you walk with the energy of a beneficent King or Queen. Paradigm. That young man was exposed to the word before. I'm sure of it.

But that day he HEARD it. It's how you carry yourself …. who you permit yourself to be … As evidenced by the language you choose. The posture you choose.

What your paradigm of self permits. It's how Little people become Big. It's how Big people get recognized (especially in today's world with social media). Expand your paradigm. Expand your reach. Expand your world.

Expand yourself.
Your Big Friend,

Source by Larry R. Hochman

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