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Cat Urine Odors

As regal and serene as they may be your feline friend often leaves you with a cat urine problem.  Cat urine, vomit or feces may be even more noticeable to your friends and visitors.  Fortunately permanent relief is easier and much less costly than you might have imagined and is something that you can easily do yourself.  Nothing to be ashamed of pet odor comes with having pets.  You can’t have one without the other. But you can safely and easily control pet odors that might regularly occur with  cats or dogs that have been difficult to train or suffer from an illness.  And you can learn how to get rid of urine odor and other unpleasant smells that you may have inherited in your new house, car or apartment.

Dog Urine Odors

Yes even mans other best friend can give you trouble.   Dog urine can be just as difficult to remove and we can show you how to get rid of them with the miracles of modern chemistry. Cleaning alone will never remove dog or cat urine, feces or vomit odors from carpets, area rugs, sofas or other upholstery.  No cleaning process is 100% effective and there is always a residual amount of organic matter that provides a breeding ground for the bacteria that actually gives off the offensive odor.  To completely remove the odor of urine, feces or vomit from your pets it is necessary to use a bacterial ingester that will completely eat the remaining urine or feces and so completely stop the decomposition cycle that causes pet odors from dogs and cats to linger and often increase with time.  These odors seem to often increase after cleaning attempts as the water left behind leads to increased bacteria.

We at 5 Star Rug & Carpet Cleaning would like to offer you as much help as we can. If you would like some free advice on how to get rid of urine odor from your dog, cat or any other pet problem please contact us a request for advice.
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