Oven Cleaning

Ovens produce beautiful delicious cakes and bakes which always keep you begging for more. However if you do not maintain a clean oven with regular oven cleaning, you may never want to eat cakes or bakes from such unclean ovens.

Cleaning today is not that much of a chore because of self cleaning ovens. These ovens start its oven cleaning process once the oven is turned on in the clean mode. What happens is the interior of the oven heats to about 800-900 degrees where in two hours' time, all stains, spills and grease found in the oven turn into gray ash.

While cleaning your self cleaning oven, the racks have to be first removed and soaked in warm water with dishwashing cleaner. The clean mode timer of the oven has to be turned on for 2-6 hours and switched on while making sure that the oven door is locked.

Do not forget to clean the oven door

Once it is cleaned, the oven has to be let to cool and then the ash collected in the oven has to be wiped out using a wet sponge or rag. The inside of the door can be cleaned using a little cleaner and cloth. Pay attention to the seal around the door, after which the door has to be wiped once again with a damp sponge.

At the same time, clean the outside of the oven door and its stove. If there are any stove racks, remove them too and soak them on warm water and dishwashing cleaner. After soaking the racks for some time, clean them and then wipe them and place them in their respective places.

Tips for easier oven cleaning

If you do not have a self cleaning oven, you can still cleanit on your own, rather easily. As before, soak the racks in water and dishwasher cleaner and then with a strong oven cleaner and rubber gloves, spray the oven cleaner in the oven cavity and let it stand there for 6-8 hours or preferably overnight. When you awake, you just have to scrub the oven cavity clean and then wipe it using a damp rag or sponge.

To make your cleaning easier, it is better to consult your owner's manual, especially if you are cleaning your oven for the first time. The best tip for oven cleaning is to avoid letting the oven get too dirty. This can be done by lining cookie sheets with foil and placing them under the rack you are using for baking.

All the drippings or spills fall on this foil and not on the oven. So you just have to remove the foil with all spills, after baking. An alternative is using a non stick oven liner which serves the same purpose. And if you baking does spill, it is better to clean up the mess as soon as possible, before drying. This makes your oven cleaning task much easier and less time consuming. With regular oven cleaning, you can expect the best from your oven and in the process, prolong its life.

Source by Vernon Purcell

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