Portable Carpet Cleaners For Easy Cleaning

The Portable carpet cleaner is an easy solution for all kinds of cleaning needs at your home as well as office. Carpet cleaners are ideal for cleaning all kinds of carpets and they give these carpets a fresh looking, making even the older ones look newer and brighter. Some of the best portable carpet cleaners in the market belong to the Bissell brand. Steamfast is yet another brand that has gained popular demand.

Spot Lifter 1719 from Bissell is a high performing carpet-cleaner which is perfect for home cleaning. It is a portable cleaner that you can easily carry around. You can buy this deep carpet cleaner at just fifty dollars. The machine is a hand held device that works well on deep and fresh stains. If you spill tea, coffer or oil on your carpet, you can get the stain off immediately by running the machine. Along with this product you can also buy Bissell cleaning solutions.

An ideal carpet cleaner should not only remove the stains but also the odor associated with the staining material. Carpets are made of fibers and the stains caused by spillage of foodstuffs or liquids are not eliminated fully, this would lead to a mild odor. And if the spillage is not cleaned thoroughly this can lead to further contamination and foul odor.

Portable carpet-cleaners are lighter and cordless. This would facilitate comfortable handling and swift cleaning of the entire house or office. The cleaner works with the help of a brush and a nozzle. The small brush kicks off the solid particles staining the carpet. And the nozzle sucks in the resultant debris. Thus you can get a spotlessly clean carpet without any trace or residual stains.

Using a portable carpet cleanser, you can clean several carpets at a time. Once you charge the machine for 12 hours it would run continuously for 15 minutes. This would give you ample time to clean all the carpets in your home. Although, 12 hours charging is recommended, most of the machines require 24 hours charging when you are using them for the first time. This would ensure optimum functionality. Modern carpet cleaners generally contain a dual tank system. in the first tank it holds clean water plus detergent. The second one is used for storing the dirt sucked in by the nozzle. You can easily dispose the water in the tanks.

A portable cleaner normally weighs up to six pounds. It is 10- inch wide and 17.5- inch tall. Most of the machine comes with a 1 year guarantee but some companies offer 2 years.

Some portable cleaners work on steam technology. They are also known as portable steam cleaner. They provide a more powerful cleansing and is comparatively expensive than normal carpet cleaners.

Different types of cleaners are available in the market. You can find out their prices and features by searching online. You can find details of your nearby dealers and contact them directly with your needs.

Source by Mary Y Thomas

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