Professional Advice on Rug Cleaning

A piece of rug can create a different element of surprise to a room’s plain decoration. Rug comes in many types, design and colour these days unlike the olden days where rugs were dominated by handmade types like the Oriental or Persian rugs. Recently contemporary rugs like shaggy rugs are gaining popularity because of their unique texture and variety of designs.

While rugs are gaining high demands by the market, growing concern is how to maintain them? Contrary to common misconception, shag rug tends to get dirty quickly because they collect dirt particles more easily than regular carpet. Without proper rug maintenance, accumulated dust and micro organism can easily make the piece of carpet looks dirty, smells dusty and definitely become a potential health risk to those who are susceptible to fall sick after inhaling fine dust particles and dust mites.

How to clean the rug?

Vacuum Rug Regularly

Because shag rug is typically plush and long pile, you cannot vacuum them like a regular carpet.

To vacuum, firstly, flip the rug and vacuum the bottom part with a vacuum cleaner that’s fitted with effective HEPA filter function and beater brush. After vacuuming the entire back of the rug, remove the rug from the original position. You should find dirt particles that have dropped from the thick rug onto the floor. Vacuum the dirt and now you can start vacuuming the top part of the rug.

If your vacuum cleaner comes with a beater bar, then you would need to disengage it before vacuuming the rug. The brush in the vacuum head should not be in contact with the carpet or it can be set furthest away from the carpet pile to prevent fibre fraying or getting caught by the brushes.

Commonly, shag rugs are vacuumed using the upholstery attachment to prevent damaging the carpet fibre. Gently move the brush head back and forth around the carpet pile and make sure the hidden dirt beneath the pile is removed. For effective maintenance, shag rug should be vacuumed weekly.

Regular Professional Cleaning

Engage reputable carpet cleaning service provider for your rug at least once a year, depending on usage practice and frequency. Professional carpet cleaning services are equipped with the necessary tool and products to ensure your carpet are treated appropriately and safely.

Cleaning shouldn’t be done haphazardly. Sending the carpet for laundry maybe more economical but you would need to check with your rug retailer if this mode of cleaning is safe for your carpet.

Source by Derick Ng

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