Professional Rug Cleaning by Your Self

If you are using expensive rugs in your room you may need to clean it at the correct time. It is because rugs absorb dust particles and soil from visitors shoes and keep our room dust free. During this absorption of dust and soil we may see some spots on our rugs. These spots can ruin the beauty and quality of our rugs. A regular user will call a professional rug and carpet cleaning company after seeing these spots but there are some simple cleaning steps any home user can apply. If you have enough time there is no issue with applying this simple cleaning method on your valuable rugs.

The first step in rug cleaning is removing the thick layer of soil over the rug. You can do it in two different ways. Depends on the size of the rug you can choose any of these methods. First one is take your rug outside and giving it a few good whack to remove the soil over the rug. This trick can be applied on a small rug. If your rug is big and thick you cannot implement this method to remove soil. For large rugs you may need to use vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and soil. You should select a powerful vacuum cleaner and remove as much as dust particles from the rug. Before starting the next level of cleaning you may need to ensure that the rug is free from thick dirt and soil.

Now we can go to the next level. Here we are removing the stains and spots on the rug. As before said most of the time professional skill is required to remove them. It is because by applying spot remover on rugs some old removed stains may come back. It is not because of the professionalism in our cleaning but it is a normal phenomenon. Reason for the reappear of old spot is rug pad underneath becomes slightly wet. Due to the wetness it will appear again on the rug. So we need to remove those spots too. Depends on the type of your rug we can select a various spot removing kits from the market. Before selecting the spot remover you may need to read the recommendations from your rug manufacturer. Using wrong spot remover on your rug may ruin the color of it. After applying the spot remover you may need to scrub it. To scrub you can use any hand held attachments which is comfortable and scrub the surface hard. This process may take time depends on the amount of stains and spots on the rug.

The next level in spot removal is drying the your rug. You may need to remove the wetness from your rug. To do this you can use carpet drier to suck excess moisture from the rug. This can take several hours to even day depend son the whether and type of rug materials. After drying you may need to verify that there is no spots present on the rug. If you found any spots you should repeat the same process again.

Source by Alex GL

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