Protect Your Upholstery With Proper Cleaning

Furniture is not cheap and quality furniture can take a substantial bite out of your checkbook. But buying good quality furniture is just the start. After the initial investment has been made, one has to be sure to maintain their investment through regular upholstery furniture cleaning.

Fabric Considerations

All upholstery is not created equally! For those who want to protect their upholstery, a little information specific to the fabric is critical. Depending on your lifestyle, some fabrics may be more practical than others. In instances where a family has small children, and the spills associated with them, you would probably want to go with a fabric that is tightly woven. Such fabrics will be able to weather the storm of spills, grime, and daily wear and tear that children will subject the fabric to routinely. You will also want to apply a stain repellant to the fabric. Stain blocking treatments, while not perfect, add a significant level of protection that will increase the life of your upholstery.

On the other hand, for child-free environments, stain or brocade make excellent choices. These can also last a significant amount of time and look great with proper care.

Everyday Care

Caring for your upholstery on a regular basis is not a huge chore, the key, however, is consistency. If you want your upholstery to last, you simply need to perform a few simple chores consistently. The most obvious is to clean up spills as soon as they happen. Then you need to get into a weekly habit of using a vacuum or a brush to clean your upholstery thus preventing dust from building up in the fibers of your furniture's fabric. While you are doing this, take the opportunity to turn your cushions so that they will get an even amount of wear over the course of time.

Professional Maintenance

If you have chosen your fabric wisely and are doing your part to maintain your furniture, the next step is an annual professional upholstery cleaning. Sure it costs a few dollars, but it is well worth it in terms of ensuring that the job is performed correctly based on the fabric being cleaned. The fabric on your furniture is coded based on its material and the acceptable cleaning products that should be used on it. These codes, W, S, WS, and X are very important and, if not understood, could lead to permanent damage.

Under no circumstances would a reputable upholstery cleaning company ever recommend that someone with microfiber or leather furniture attempt their own cleaning. The risk is just too great. Always use a professional for these fabrics!

What To Expect From A Professional Furniture Cleaner

When you hire a professional to come clean your upholstery, you can, firstly, expect that they will take time to carefully examine the furniture for existing damage or stains. Once done and any issue have been identified and shown to the customer, the technician will most likely remove and dust by vacuuming the fabric. After that, the technician will begin treating any stains that might exist. Then the actual cleaning process will be performed. Once completed, the technician should allow you to do a thorough inspection prior to leaving.

Source by Lonnie Rakestraw

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