Red Wine Stain Removal From Light Colored Cotton

Party times are times for jokes, fun and a little wine. Splashing a glass of wine on to the carpet is a common 'accident' almost everywhere in US and may be in Europe too. A globe of fire passes through the heart of the host, my precious carpet! Red wine stain removal from light colored cotton is not going to be an easy task. Attempts to permanently and cleanly remove red wine stain from light colored fabrics have been on by housewives and researchers at different detergent manufacturers.

The 'tips', 'techniques' and 'solutions' for red wine stain removal ranges from application of fresh water to hydrogen peroxide, white wine and detergents of varying kinds. Apart from water, everything else can have negative effect on the piece of fabric that you want to keep and display as your favorite for a long time. Hydrogen peroxide can be fine if it is pure white. It has bleaching property, which can remove almost any original color of fabrics. Others may or may not give the desirable results. The last thing you want to see is some irreparable damage to your favorite carpet.

Today there are many carpet cleaning products available. They typically clean specific types of stain and red wine is one among them. You will however need to act quickly, probably within a few minutes of spilling over the carpet. The results can be less satisfactory if you wait for an hour to clean the stain. There are also specific instructions on how to use the detergents or carpet cleaners. Several household items like alcohol (for cleaning purposes), mild soap etc are suited for the purpose of immediate cleaning of wine stain from fabrics of any type. If you are not sure about the result, go for a test run outside quickly visible areas of the fabric in case of color loss.

You may at times need to pay high amounts to professional carpet cleaning services. Professional cleaners have the equipment and expertise to undertake cleaning of all kinds of stain on all types and any color fabric. Professional cleaners are hired when there is excess stain and after you find it is next to impossible to make the fabric look like a new one. The professionals have handled different carpet cleaning and fabric cleaning assignments in the past. You can be rest assured that your carpet cleaner removes the stains and dirt.

Back to the topic of red wine stain removal from light colored cotton. You can try to clean the cotton by yourself. If you have a sofa covering or other types of removal fabric stained, you can flush out the wine from inside out by spraying water from inside and them spraying some liquid soap solution and cleaning it in less than 10 minutes. Do not attempt it yourself, if you are not so sure about the results or the stain is discharged and old.

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Source by Brian Ward

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