Removal Necktie Stains

Neckties come in different fabrics – there's silk, cotton, polyester or a combination of the last two. Each fabric needs a different attention when it comes to washing – the same also applies when it comes to removing stains.

A necktie may be the smallest fabric in a man's wardrobe but, more often then not, is frequently a victim of stains. Stains may just be stains but if you think about the cost of your tie, you would consider it more practical to know how to effectively remove it rather than end up buying a new tie. Inexpensive or not, it is still best to save your tie by removing the stains especially if the tie has a sentimental value to you.

You're lucky if your necktie is pre-treated with a stain-blocking finish. But what if it does not?

Here are some tips that will help you remove that nasty stain from your precious necktie:

1. Using a clean white cloth or napkin, dip your finger into a small amount of club soda then apply it on the stain, slowly dabbing it away. Make sure you do not rub or press hard other you will just end up rubbing the stain deeper into the fabric.

2. For greasy stains, use loose white powder like talcum, foot powder, cornstarch or baking soda to allow absorption of the excess oil. Pour a layer of the powder available over the area of ​​the stained tie then leave it overnight. Note that you might need to repeat this process several times until the oil is absorbed.

3. A different fabric would mean a different method of cleaning, or stain-removing for this matter. The preferred method to remove stains for a silk tie to dry clean it. Not only will it remove the stain effectively, dry cleaning will even preserve the smooth and glossy finish of silk.

4. In the event that the only method available for removing stains is by handwash or use of a dry cleaning kit, make sure that you carefully use a stain pre-treater and then handwash.

Removing stains, especially on your beautiful neckties, may be a hassle but when done properly, could not only save your tie and make it look new again; It could just also save you money and not end up buying a new one.

But of course, if we had it our way, we would do away from the hassle of getting those colorful neckties stained and just do our best not to get them go through harsh chemical treatments. Like what they say, prevention is always better the remedy.

I guess one simple way of preventing stains on your tie is by removing it. Simply untie it from your neck and roll it carefully then tuck it in a place where it will not be crumpled. Also, avoid throwing your tie over your shoulder before eating. It may seem that it is your way of avoiding the spaghetti stains, but trust me, it is just going to increase the chances of getting your tie smudged in it.

Source by Alain Picard

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