Removing Ink Stains From Your Carpet Easily

Some people will be panic when they spill ink on their carpet. What about you? If you are experiencing this problem, you should not be panic. You can actually remove the stain easily without any need to call professional services. Just follow these simple steps, and you will be happy to see your carpet back to its beauty and free of ink stain.

Prepare everything that you need to have, first. To clean ink stains on your carpet, you need to prepare rubbing alcohol, soft white cloth, elbow grease, water, as well as your vacuum cleaner. Now, you are ready to start cleaning the stain.

Second, you need to get the ink out of the carpet surface by using your rubbing alcohol. The best option of alcohol to be used in cleaning ink stain is 90 percent isopropyl alcohol. However, you can also use 70 percent one of you prefer this kind of alcohol. Apply the alcohol in your white towel. Use it to wipe the stain carefully.

Third, you can continue to vacuum the carpet out after you have finished dabbing the stains with the alcohol. Then, blot it with clean white towels. In this certain step, you do not need to rub the stain. Do it several times to remove the ink stain from your carpet. If alcohol is not strong enough to remove the ink, you can consider carpet cleaner solution.

Fourth, make sure that the alcohol or the carpet cleaner solution is completely removed from the carpet by cleaning the rubbed area with clean water. Then, you can drain your carpet by blotting paper towel to the wet area until it is almost dry. Then you can simply air-dry the carpet or simply use your fan to dry it faster.

It is not that difficult, right? However, it will be better for you to clean any spilled ink right away. Letting the spilled ink dry on your carpet requires you to clean it with harder effort.

Source by Bernard L Roth

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