Researching A Carpet Cleaner

Choosing a  carpet   cleaner  is not an easy task for the average home owner. You know nothing about the business in most cases and the only thing that you really know to ask is about how much the charge is. So, most homeowners will open the phone book or click on a website and just choose the one they think looks the best. This often leads to bad results so I have written this article to help you out. Here is how to research your  carpet   cleaning  service online.

The first thing that you want to do is look at the website itself. Is it written in broken English with grammatical errors. Most  carpet   cleaning  websites are made y the business owner, so if you choose one that is made poorly, it speaks of the educational level of the  carpet   cleaner . Sure, they do not need to be a genius to  clean   carpet , but it does take some skill and intelligence to run and operate a successful business. So, rule out the websites that are written poorly.

Next, look at the method being used. Ideally, you want to find a  carpet   cleaner  who uses a truck mounted steam cleaning system. This is the best way to  clean   carpet . A portable steam cleaning system is acceptable if you live in a high rise or inaccessible location. Rule out companies that use scare tactics that claim other methods will soak and ruin your  carpet . Low moisture  carpet  cleaners like to scare you into believing that their method is the best. If the low moisture  carpet   cleaning  method was really better, most  carpet  mills would endorse it but they do not. If the low moisture method was really better, steam cleaners would not spend $30,000 on truck mounted machines when they could spend $3000 on a low moisture setup. If the low moisture system was really better, one of the largest franchises of that method would not have switched to a hot water extraction setup a few years ago. So, rule out low moisture cleaners.

Now that you have limited your search results a bit, you can move on to reviews. Look on places like Google Local and Yelp for reviews. Look for similarity between the reviews. If they are all written in the same broken English, rule out those reviews and that company. Click on the reviewers names and see if they have written other reviews. Reviewers with multiple reviews are more likely to be genuine and not fake. If you see a few bad reviews, do not rule out the company right away. First look to see how they responded. If they tried to make the customer happy, this is a good thing. Sometimes a bad review can show how good a company is. If they do not respond to the reviews at all or there are just tons of negative reviews, I would move on to another company.

Finally, I come to my last piece of advice and it is a trick that you probably would not think of. Do a search on Google or Yahoo with the companies phone number. What you are looking for is multiple company names with the same phone number. This is a sure sign of a bait and switch company.

That’s it. By taking the time to do the research that I have outlined, you will greatly improve your chances of finding a good  carpet   cleaning  company.

Source by Jim D Muskee

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