Restoration of Glory By Appreciation

Glory is from the Greek word 'DOXA' which means all that God is and all that God has Glory is the presence of God making provision for power, prosperity and personality (character). It is the missing link: the problem of mankind is the absence of glory. Until the sons of God manifest glory, Christ will be retained in heaven. God is a candidate of Glory and expects all His children to manifest His glory in Prosperity, Power and Personality (Character). We are in a season of restoration; this restoration will only come to fulfillment through appreciation. The glory has been given; it is done already, but it will fully manifest if you appreciate God for what has been done. You are predestined, born and ordained unto glory, Romans 8: 28-29.

Glory was what was lost when man (Adam) fell out in the beginning; for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God ". The reason you were created was to manifest glory, Romans 9: 23-24. You were called unto glory, 1Peter 5:10, but his glory will only be fully manifested in your life, If you begin to appreciate God for it. God is interested in restoring the glory that was lost when man sinned, but He seeks men who know the value of His glory and are willing to receive it with a thankful heart.

Anything you have lost can be restored to you by God, for He is a God of restoration. Abraham's lost ability to have a child was restored to him when he gave glory to God, Romans 4: 17-21; He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God.

In Daniel 4: 34-36, we see that when Nebuchandnezzar thanked God, he was restored to his kingdom.

As you begin to appreciate God for His glory in your life, the full manifestation of His glory will be visible in your life. The lost glory is restored! And guess what, it is restored in double fold. God does not restore what was lost exactly how it was, He improves on it. It is His nature to restore in double portion, Isaiah 61: 7, Haggai 2: 9. It is all your and you do not have to labour to get. All that is required of you therefore is to appreciate God for the glory He has given.

Remember that your destination is the place of Glory. That's all Christ came to do for you. To get you back to the of glory that was lost in the beginning. You are now a candidate of glory.

Source by David Achi

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