Rug Cleaning – Naturally

Many people use a rug as both an accent piece as well as an area to provide protection against dirt and grime to underlying carpets and floors. It is often the first thing you step on when you come inside. They can therefore get pretty dirty. For effective rug cleaning, you should try some natural cleaning products. We'll discuss some of the benefits further.

Many rug cleaning products use harsh and dangerous chemicals. Even after they are applied and eventually removed through vacuuming or washing, some residue still is present. These chemicals can then come in contact with small children or pets who move over the rug.

Therefore it is advisable to try to use products which are safe and natural. There are a number of good products which provide good effectiveness in cleaning rugs and which contain no harsh or dangerous chemicals.

One product you can purchase comes in concentrated form and is based on plant based ingredients. You dilute the product with water to the manufacturer's recommendations and it can be an effective and natural solution.

There are other options when it comes to natural cleaning compounds for rugs. Baking soda is one of the better ways to use natural cleaning products to achieve good results. You simply mix a little baking soda with water to get it to a paste like consistency. Apply this paste to the stained area, scrub a little bit and then let it dry. Once you vacuum the area, it will be clean and dry.

Keep in mind that not only will the baking soda paste clean away stains but it also kills germs and remove odors. Other natural cleaning products which work well are white vinegar. It's great for removing juice stains from rugs as well as grass and mud stains. It can even be used to remove blood stains. Some people add the white vinegar to a spray bottle containing hot water for even more effective results.

Other natural cleaning products which work well include borax or lemon juice. And simple soap flakes mixed with water does wonders for a dirty or stained rug. Mix the soap flakes with some warm water along with some vinegar or baking soda and you've got a great option to try.

So these tips along with commercially available natural cleaning products which have been specially formulated for effectiveness and safety can do wonders in cleaning that pesky dirty or stained rug.

Source by Harry Capbana

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