Rug Cleaning Should Be Part of the Spring Cleaning

Rug cleaning is often ignored or performed superficially and this might be harmful for many reasons.

In this article, we will be talking about its benefits, because the home-based one does not guarantee brilliant results.

The benefits: All you need to know about this service to be convinced

  • 100% Dust removed: It removes the embedded dust. The normal vacuum cleaner is able to clean only superficially.
  • Hygienic treatment: Some specialized services return your rug neat and hygienic to use. This treatment removes all the bacteria gathered in years.
  • Moth treatment: It guarantees protection against moths.
  • Odour removal: Not everyone knows that a professional carpet cleaning will remove also the bad smell.
  • Preserving the quality of your rug: If you have your rug treated professionally regularly, its look and feel will resist the aging process. The natural fibres will conserve their original features.
  • New look for your lounge: An expert procedure will improve the appearance of your rug. You will spot the difference immediately: The rug will look brilliant as it were new.

In fact, a deep cleaning is an ideal solution to have rugs neat and beautiful.

We are very concerned about cleaning our home. At least once a week, we clean all the rooms of our house, but we often forget our carpets.

Rugs absorb the smells, dust and smokes of a house, additionally they take in bacteria deriving from outside. Indeed, if your rug is on the floor you must be aware that shoes are bringing many bacteria into your home. Therefore, you should clean and disinfect everything regularly: Carpets are part of this procedure.

When do you need a rug cleaning urgently?

As said earlier a rug cleaning is always important but there are situations when it is urgent.

  • Pets: If you have pets it’s strictly important, in order to remove the bad smell.
  • Stains: If you accidentally spill some drinks on your carpet, you should order a cleaning immediately. Indeed, if the stains are very persistent you might need a restoration.
  • Moths: If you have the suspect that moths are occupying your home. You should know that a cleaning would be able to prevent them to attack your beloved rug.

Now, you know why a service of this type really makes the difference. Therefore, next spring you can think about calling an expert to take care of your rugs. Or at least you are aware of the possibility…

Source by Francesca Bandini

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