Sanitizing Your Basement After a Flood

If your basement has been flooded then you may be concerned about how to sanitize it. This is very important if you want to decrease the possibility of any mold. It is also be important if you have children that like to play in your basement from time to time.

1.) You need to start by removing everything from your basement. Wet boxes and supplies that are left in your basement can cause mold as easily as wet flooring and walls.

2.) Take a shovel and remove any dirt or mud that may be on the floor.

3.) Getting a garden hose and spraying the floor in order to get any remaining dust or dirt off of it will sure that any outside debris that is in the basement that can cause disease is removed. Shovel that out as well.

4.) Start by getting bleach and water. Mix them together in a large bucket. You need to wear gloves while you’re carrying out this process. Take a scrub brush and a dip it into the water. You will then need to begin scrubbing down each wall in your basement. Once you have finished that you will need to move on to the floors.

5.) Get another large bucket of bleach and add some water to it. You will want to put that on the floors and you will want to take a large scrub brush and begin scrubbing the floors. You may need to complete this process several times.

When you finish cleaning the walls in the floors you will want to check things over. Look for any possible signs of mold or dirt that you did not remove when you cleaned the first time. If you see anything like this you will want to clean the area again.

Once you have finished the cleaning process you will want to take the hose and rinse everything again. Allow the basement plenty of time to dry. You may want to invest in a dehumidifier. This can help the baseman dry much faster. When everything is finally dry you can begin placing your belongings back into the basement.

Source by Racheal Ashley

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