Scotch Guarding

It is very important that your new carpet, rug, upholstery and any kind of fabric to get scotch guarded right away before using them in order to get the most benefit out of stain guarding.
Carpet is a natural choice for any home. In any colour or pattern, is not only brings warmth and comfort to a room, but also creates a more relaxing environment. Once you've made the decision to enjoy all the qualities of carpet, you need to be sure that your investment is protected against everyday dust dirt and spills. The Scotchgard brand is the world leader and gives you the reassurance to enjoy your carpet to the full.

How Scotchgard protection works.

Scotchgard protector is either applied during manufacture at the carpet mill or in your home by an approved Scotchcare Services specialist. It works by locking onto each carpet fibre to create an invisible, durable shield which doesn’t effect the look or feel of your carpet. It’s highly advanced formula resist’s everyday dust and spills. So cleaning and vacuuming is easier and more effective.

 Scotchgard Stain Release is another highly effective solution which can be applied during manufacturing stage at the mill or at your home after fitting by a Licensed Scotchgard Applicator. It gives the same benefits as Scotchgard protector plus an additional property: stains caused by artificial food and drink colourings can be easily removed by simple methods even when dried in.

Scotchgard protectors exceptional properties ensure your carpet is taken care of, as well as covering a range of other products, from garden furnishings and clothing to shoes and home furnishings.

The effectiveness of Scotchgard Protector at a glance.

  • Resists Soiling.
  • Spills can be blotted away more easily.
  • Long lasting protection.

  • Easier, more effective cleaning.
  • Preserves carpet’s appearance.
  • Protects you investment.

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