Simple Carpet Cleaning Tips

All  carpet  runs the risk of being soiled and stained and this means that simple ways to help you  clean  your  carpet , are needed. But before that, what if you can reduce the amount of cleaning?

Preventive Measures:

One way of helping out with your  carpet   cleaning  is by reducing the risks of getting it dirty.

  1. Choose  carpet  colors that can easily blend – earth colors for example. Extreme colors, white or black for example, will always show up even the smallest stains or dirt as the colors themselves highlight any color differences.
  2. Place mats on entrances. You are simply looking to pick up whatever sticks to the shoes of those who are coming in.
  3. An oriental alternative. Which is just another way of saying have your rooms shoe free. The thicker the  carpet  the better it feels to walk barefoot. Perhaps it is best that people keep their socks on for hygienic reasons. This in not necessarily a practical solution, but it is a different one at least.

 Cleaning  is part of the normal upkeep of any  carpet  – normal wear implies walking over it, perhaps bringing in soil from outside as well as the typical dirt that builds up in any area.

In order to keep your  carpets   clean  you should establish a vacuuming routine. If you have light traffic, once a week is good enough. Depending on the amount of traffic this could be two or three times a week. If you have heavy traffic you should consider vacuuming daily.

When you are vacuum  cleaning  you are in fact removing small solids (dirt and so on) from your  carpet . The regularity of the vacuuming helps stop this dirt from accumulating – which in turn means, easier upkeep as well as  cleaner   carpets .

Another simple, common sense tip is for liquid spills. A cup of coffee is toppled over or a glass of red wine is spilled. The first thing you should do is place a dry cloth over it and absorb as much of the spill as you can. The more you absorb, the better results you will get. In fact many times a prompt action means the stain will be removed – after all stain resistant  carpets  are the norm.

If after absorbing as much as you could there is still a stain, the next step would be to try and wash it out with water. At this stage avoid detergents and other solutions. Whatever you do, never use anything that has bleach on it, as this will discolor the  carpet .

These simple common sense tips should help you keep your  carpet   clean . Even so you should consider a more in depth  carpet   cleaning  exercise once a year. You can either rent the machines yourself, or contact a  carpet   cleaning  professional to do it for you.

Source by Philip Robinson

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