Soul Matters

The key to a healthy life is to ensure that you nurture and empower your mind, body and soul. When these three aspects of yourself are fulfilled, you will live a live of freedom, joy and peace.

Overwork leads to breakdown

Unfortunately, life today is so fast paced that these essential needs are forgotten. Some people consider themselves lucky, if they can survive the right rigors of each day. New employees are hit in the face by senseless deadlines and unreasonable demands by bosses who have no consideration for basic human needs such as time for rest, relaxation and enjoyment of life.

Try running any machine non-stop and observe what happens. Soon enough it will be cranky before it grinds to a halt. Human beings are the same. Constant overwork have resulted in younger and younger people succumbing to heart attacks or stroke with fatal results. Their minds and bodies are so preoccupied with work that they are unable to heed the warning signals of impending danger till it is too late.

Rest is vital

We have forgotten to take cue from Mother Nature. The Four seasons ensure a time for sowing and reaping and a time for rest and renewal. Likewise, if you find the time to stop, catch your breath, smell the flowers, you will rejuvenate. Indeed, medical experts have acknowledge that you can reverse aging through adequate rest, relaxation, having a positive attitude, being happy, a proper diet and exercise. All too often you abuse your mind and body through overwork, thus forgetting the existence of your soul. In operating like a robot remote controlled by others demands, you have forgotten what freedom and happiness feel like.

You need to remind yourself to take 'time-out' to enjoy the beauty that life has to offer. Otherwise, it will be a meaningless existence. When anger and resentment set in, relationships at work, home and elsewhere will suffer leading to disappointment and depression. When you feel a victim of circumstances, you will feel powerless to effect positive change in your life. These symptoms indicate you have removed yourself from your soul existence. In the confusion and weariness, your soul will cry out for attention, for rest, silence and peace.

Take 'time- out'

To heed your soul's plea, you need to take 'time-out' for self reflection, review your life and decide where you wish to go from here. This is a good time to remember what is truly important in your life. It is the soul that matters the most of all. This is true centre of your being from where you draw your life support. This is the wellspring of wisdom and intuition which guides you to everything you will ever need to know in this life. It is not your job, your title or your material possessions which you have given up your life for that will guarantee lasting peace and happiness. Some of the world's wealthiest people are still searching for true happiness. Some people have traveled the entire globe to "find" themselves. How did they get lost? How do we find our way home? The way home to the soul is not outwards but inwards. To rediscover your true self, you need to remember that in essence, you are a soul. The path to lasting happiness is to live as your soul self and begin to express and experience your soul qualities which are wakefulness, awareness, love, joy, freedom, peace and beauty. You access these qualities when you seek and live your truth.

Know and love yourself

The first step is to know yourself and love yourself adequately. We often underestimate the importance of self-love. When you have loved yourself enough, you will have more love to give others willingly. When you have approved of yourself unconditionally, no one can reject you. You can walk tall and your natural confidence draws respect from others naturally. You can feel free at last of the need for approval from others. When you love and approve of yourself daily, you will become aware of your innate talents and you will be guided to express them in ways that bring you joy.

Listen to your soul

To nourish your soul, you need to listen to your soul's promptings and do what makes you happy, not what makes others happy. Many people are in jobs they detest, thus chaining their spirits. In denying their natural talents, they develop sadness and resentment thus demoralizing themselves and those around them. Flagging morale affects creativity and productivity.

Everyday you can answer your soul's call by engaging in activities that give you joy. These are usually simple and inexpensive activities such as walk in the rain, along relaxing shower, sipping a cup of coffee undisturbed, admiring a nature scene, singing, dancing, enjoying a facial or a massage. Doing little things you have been meaning to do will release your spirit and send it soaring high.

Connect with your soul

To connect with your soul, you will need to still your mental chatter which is often filled with thoughts of fear, failure, inadequacy, scarring memories and how to survive. Silent prayers and meditation are excellent to help you connect with your soul.

Meditation exercise

Try the following meditation exercise and enjoy the results.

Find a quite corner where you will be undisturbed. Sit on a comfortable chair with your back upright and well supported, palms on your lap facing upwards. Relax and take a few deep breaths. Slowly observe the inflow and outflow of your breathing. Do this exercise for about five minutes. When you feel calm and peaceful, place your awareness in your heart and fill it with love for yourself, for those you love and let love overflow to your world. Then ask the question, "If nothing stopped me, what would I truly love to do?" and listen for the answer. Slowly, over time, you will know clearly what gives you joy and you will be guided to express this joy thus positively transforming your life.

When you live your life joyously, moment to moment, you spread positive energy all around you and you make your world a better place for you and others to live in.

What will it take for you to give up your life in chains and liberate it for a life filled with joy? All it takes is a decision now to embrace your soul self and let love lead you all the way home.

Source by Shahreen Kamaluddin

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