Spiritual Restoration

While repairing the temple, the book of the law was found, it was the book of Moses, which is the Law of the lord, the Pentateuch, the leverage by which righteousness was. 2 Kings 22:8. Restoration is returning of something to a former owner, a process of repairing and restoring to the original condition.

Restoration is painstaking effort, by seekers of the truth, to restore back the original way of worshiping God in spirit and in truth, as presented in the New Testament Scriptures. This implies that we have lost some vital components of accountability, and that there is a need for restoration, much like that piece of furniture, church principles that are no longer respected for their original beauty, need to examine the reality of church structure, By applying truth to our faith, so many people can understands that the original concept of God, is far more beautiful than the present picture Christendom is showing.

The vital elements that are lost may have been found hidden under the floor boards, in an old cupboard, with spiders and cobwebs all over it. The book of the law can restore order, justice and equality, and also to instill confidence in the people.

It seems that this book of the law was missing, and had been lost for some time, and residing in its place was the mere shadow of the law, but the essential principles were missing, quiet often there are important qualities missing from our daily lives, and we need to find them again.

Take stock for a moment, and think, what’s missing from your life, is Jesus in control, are you in control, do you have any idea about what your destiny holds?

Because the principles of the book were missing, and no one heard the good news, good practice had elapse, bad habits had crept in, people were allow to do as they pleased, and they had developed a thick skin against correction, and they were allow to get away with it because there was no law of correction, But where no ox is the crib is clean, much increase is by the strength of the ox, Josiah instituted a religious reform, got rid of the idol worshiping places,

What a great man Jesus is?

Although the description prophesied of him in Isaiah 53:2 is not favorable, “He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to Him, nothing in His appearance that we should want him.” In other words, he was just ordinary-looking.

There was none like him, or after him who followed his father, redemption and Restoration has begun. It was Zaccheus said if I have taken anything by false accusation, I will restore four times the amount, if I have wrong or even cheated anyone; I will go to them and apologies.

Jesus is about the only person I think who could make a tax collector turn from their cunning ways, I think that this is one of the most beautiful things about Christ; he identifies with ordinary people, and place himself in between their problems. God blesses the persons who turns from their wicked ways and repents.

This book of the law was misplace, discarded, thrown aside like we throw our bibles, or it was maliciously concealed by some idolatrous king who had buried it in the hope that it would not be found. Nothing would suit the enemy more than to see this place close down, and to see the people in confusion, and Gods people scattered, but we are not ignorant of his device.

Why was the book lost? And when it was found what would it bring to light? It was lost because corruption had set in, when a government is corrupt, they are always hiding their movements, policies are not clear, accountability is found wanting, there is sporadic fighting, and wild warfare.

Nothing would suit the enemy more than to see you been defeated, and walk about like a vagabond, in hope that you would never rise and walk and hold your head up with dignity.

But in the nick of time, the Holy Spirit will rally to our causes, he is your helper, Jesus said there was great jubilation when the woman found her coin, when the lost sheep was found wandering on the moors, when the prodigal return, Jubilation, is in the house, not persecution, peace not war, ecstasy not hostility, friendship not partiality, take no sides with the wrong, and hold to Gods unchanging hands.

The book of the law was missing, lost in the very place of originality, literally the last place where the bible should be missing; is the house of the Lord, the doctrines were redundant, covered over by creeds, and men’s opinion, not what the word of God says, the practice of good governance was missing, the spirit of evangelism, sanctification, which was a word they do not understand,

Financial commitment, becomes a topic of government inflation, when inflation take the country, it will take the church, when a ministry is weak, the appointments will be weak, because the wrong people are in leadership, when the righteous are in power the people will rejoice, it’s not about looking good, Gods work requires dedication, and people that can deliver themselves to undertake dedicated duties. But too often we see churches and ministry that are not prospering, going no place, have no vision, and causing havoc.

Source by Gerry Legister

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