Spring Cleaning 101

When all is said and done, this may seem strange to you but there are certain housekeeping activities that can alleviate the worn out nerves of an exhausted person. In some way, cleaning can generate a heartwarming sense that some thing, at least one small spot of the universe, has been correctly set to right and all is well. It is naturally special and unique for each one of us. When you try to ascertain which household job gives you that inner peace, it is conceivably a personal matter. You may well be fairly amazed at what you will learn. The chores that you think that are dull and nonsensical could be those activities that other people find relaxing. Washing those hard-to-reach places might possibly be your definition of a chore but no matter what it can be, one thing is undeniably certain and that is to always pursue what your heart tells you.

Use the right cleaning products and work your way from top to bottom and do whatever it is that suits your fancy. You can dust, vacuum, swab, buff and clean to your heart%u2019s desire. In order to make things uncomplicated for your tattered soul, here are a few central chores that you can follow. Make an effort to brighten your world by washing your windows and window screens and you will immediately perk up the ambiance indoors. Also do not fail to remember to include the window frames and sills. Pull out your chair and sofa cushions and air them out. Vacuum all furnishings and if needed, buff and polish the wood finishes. You can either wash or dry clean your slip covers. Rotate the mattresses and pillows even for a day if possible. Opening your windows and doors allows the fresh air to circulate.

Always vacuum first and then swab and wax your floors depending on what type of flooring and finish you may have. Check to circumvent scratches by vacuuming occasionally since the dirt can cause the scratches. Keep in mind that you must fasten felt to the legs of your furniture prior to returning them to recently done floors. For your rugs and carpets, it is suitable to vacuum and machine wash your area rugs or you can do it the traditional way by hanging them on a clothesline and thumping the dust out. You can also engage experts if you have wall to wall carpeting or you could also make use of the latest carpet cleaning products that are very safe to use.

Check your appliances. Clean or change the filters of your air conditioners and heater and replace the batteries of your smoke detectors. If you have a fire extinguisher, make sure that they are near your kitchen, bedroom and most importantly, the fireplace. Having a fire extinguisher also requires everyone in your household to have a basic knowledge on how to use them as well. If you want to have a clean and organized kitchen then you can start by emptying your refrigerator and freezer first. After that, make sure to wash the inside with water and baking soda. Clean those drip pans after draining them and rearrange the items within by taking away those that have perished or are not viable and replenishing your vacant shelves. You can vacuum the coils that have collected dust in the rear.

A systematic clean-up of your fireplaces should be done at least annually by eradicating dirt and waste from the hearth and to be safe have a professional do a chimney and firebox cleaning as well. For your medicine cabinet, check if you have already expired medicines, old cosmetics and sunscreen as they can do damage to your family if overlooked and used. Renew your bathroom space by doing a routine cleaning of your tub, tile and sink. Try not to forget washing those shower curtains if you cannot afford to replace them. Use all natural and safe cleaning supplies in order to protect your body and of course the environment.

Source by Markus Skupeika

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