Stain-Removing on Silk Neckties

Neckties are very delicate pieces of garment. They can be easily ruined with coffee spills or soup. If your necktie hasn’t been ruined by these mishaps, there are still chances that these things can happen to you sooner or later. Of course, other than food and coffee, your necktie is still prone to other stains like liquors and dirt. Silk ties can be very costly, although they are typically given out as gifts during Father’s day and Christmas. For instance, if your son gave you a necktie for Father’s day, it would be very hard to replace when it is stained that is why it is important to know how to remove stains without doing further damages to your necktie.

While a lot of people will tell you that any effort to remove stains from silk ties is a total waste of time, it may not be exactly true in some cases. There are exemptions, of course, and here are a few tips that will help you remove stains from your neckties without damaging the delicate silk fabric.

You should remember that in removing stains from silk ties, you DO NOT use water. Getting the tie wet can cause the necktie to fall out of shape. The stain might not be there anymore but the entire shape of the tie will be ruined. Once your tie is stained, act quickly and draw it away from your tie by using anything absorbent. Get a plain talcum powder and sprinkle it on your tie that is laid flat on a leveled surface. Leaving them over night has helped a lot of ties although you have to be very careful and not use ties that have color or perfume. Later, brush the powder off with a soft towel.

However, for stains that has dried, you can’t use the absorption method as mentioned above. The only alternative for this issue is to use a little bit of liquid. There are a lot of commercial stain removers that can be bought and you might want to try one. Use it sparingly and gently though. Be very careful as some of these stain removers can be very harsh on delicate fabrics such as silk. Try a tiny spot at the back of the necktie first. Put a little drop on it so you would know how the liquid will affect the color of your silk tie. If the colors fade or the silk starts to wrinkle, then you definitely need to use another cleaner. Once you find a gentle enough cleaner, dab a little of this delicate cleaner directly on the stain. You have to be aware of the fact also that using commercial stain removers can cause a little change in the color of the tie on the affected area. Do not worry, the color will go back to normal once the stain remover liquid has dried.

You have to learn how to properly take care of your necktie as neckties are wise investments. They can give better mileage if they are taken cared of properly making them heirlooms in their own right.

Source by Cinthia Mcdonald

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