Steam Cleaning

The cleaning method in which the detergent solution is forced through jets under high pressure into the carpet pile and immediately removed along with loose and emulsified soil though a wet vacuum. The vacuum head and jets are usually mounted on the same piece of equipment.

Their are 2 different types of machines used for this process. Their are portable extractors and truck mounted extractors. Portable extractors will contain 1 to 3 electric vacuum motors and a water pump which will generally be capable of high water. Most portable ones are not heated but they generally try to use hot water from the sink.

Truck mounted extractors will usually contain 1 large vacuum motor capable of much higher vacuum levels than portable extractors and are capable of very high pressure. The vast majority of truck mounted extractors will be heated.

The cleaning process, a solution is first applied to the carpet. This is a pretreater that is usually given time break down the oil and grease before it is extracted. The solvent is then extracted with a carpet wand which sprays either clear water or a rinse solution and then immediately vacuums it back up. To finish the process off the carpet is sealed and then raked. The sealant will help the carpet repel dirt and by raking the carpet you make it look nice and plush as well as helping the carpets to dry faster.

The carpet will take any were from 4-24 hours to dry. To view more carpet tips please go to =>

Source by Jacob Erdei

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