Ten Steps To A Great Carpet Cleaning

Try using a ten step method for your  carpet   cleaning  business. It’s more than a simple little checklist it’s a ten step program for all customers to know how, when, where, and what your doing to there  carpets . Also it keeps your service clear, equal, and precise for all of your clients. Let customers know they get the same great cleaning from one job to the next and your ten step program ensures that.

The ten step program can be broken down into three phases, the prephase, The Cleaning Phase, and the Finalization Phase. Yes, there is more to  cleaning   carpets  than just spraying some  cleaning  agent on the  carpet  and sucking it up. It’s a process where if you leave a step out the  carpet  will either not stay  clean  or won’t be clean.

The first step of the pre-phase is the Pre-Inspection. This step begins with a walk through with the customer to explore the general condition of the  carpets . Next, examine stains that may be permanent and let the customer show you any area’s of concern. Then, with the data you have gathered inform the costumer of additional services (move furniture, pet applications, corner cleaning etc.) they may want so they can receive the best cleaning possible. Vacuuming is the next step in the pre-phase program. Vacuuming is one of the most important steps in the entire cleaning process. What happens when you take some dirt and you soak it with water? Mud! So that’s exactly what happens when you don’t vacuum before spray the  carpets  with  cleaning  agent. So vacuuming up as much dry soil before a cleaning is the most important step. Moving Furniture, the last step of the pre-phase, is also important to a cleaning. For example, if you have a nice dark brown stained coffee table and snow white  carpets  (that about to be  cleaned ) and the table gets  cleaning  agent on it, what will happen is that the agent will eat away the dark brown stain and run all over you new bright white  carpets . Leaving your  carpets  and table ruined. So moving furniture or prepping it is recommended!

The second phase “Cleaning”, starts with Pre-spray and Prep spot. I want to include these to together so you can understand the difference. The pre-spray step is a  cleaning  agent misted into all the  carpet  surfaces being  cleaned . It’s used to break up all the soil that has attached itself to the  carpet  fibers. Now, Prep spot is when you treating smaller areas or spots for a specific stain (pets, crayon, gum, etc.) This is why you need to do a thorough walk through first! Step 6, “Grooming” also referred as raking the  carpets . This step is a process where you’re combing the  carpet  fibers apart and evenly distributing the pre-spray. After all, you want every area cleaned evenly. The final step of the  cleaning  phase is to “Rinse” hot water extract water through the  carpets . I use the Rotovac Powerwand to do this. The Rotovac Powerwand has two rotating heads that spray, vacuum, agitate, and extract the water.

Alright! The  carpets  look knew again but wait there is still steps that most  carpet  cleaners and “Do it Yourselfers” forget. This step will start the finalization phase. Do you ever wonder why after you  clean  your  carpets  or you get them  cleaned  professionally and the stains and soiled areas come back? It’s because there was no rinsing agent applied. This step balances the PH and breaks down chemicals and stains where residue still remains. Its time to get that  carpet  rake out again so you can make sure that rinse agent is evenly spread throughout the entire job, just like before. The last step, final inspection! Do another walkthrough with the costumers to make sure they are 100% satisfied with the service and discuss tips on how to keep your  carpets   clean  in between cleanings!

Source by Brad Rice

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