The Basics of Carpet Stain Removal

No one can deny the classic elegance that a good carpet can bring to a room. If you are a carpet owner, you might just love the way it fits into the whole design of your home or office. However, what you probably do not love is all the stains that you have to contend with in trying to keep that carpet spic and span.

Realistically speaking, though, can you really prevent spills from happening? Is it possible to avoid the slightest spill from tarnishing the other decent-looking look of your carpet? Hard to do, do not you think. It's unavoidable and if not deal with accordingly, it can leave quite an awful looking, smelly stain on your carpet.

There are five common types of carpet stains: oil and grease stains, pet stains (most likely to cause odor), coffee and tea stains, juice stains and stains coming from dyes, and finally, general food stains and any other stains.

You've probably heard this before, but it has to be said again. If you want that stain gone, you need to work on cleaning it the moment you detect it. If you wait long enough for it to dry, then the odds of it turning into a permanent stain are much greater.

Now, whatever the stain is, you begin by removing any excess, because the last thing you would want is to have that extra spread further into the carpet. If it is solid (like stains caused by food or pet feces), first remove the solid particles and rid of it. If it is liquid (and still wet), blot over it with paper towels until the towels are not absorbing any more of the stain.

There are several solutions that can be used to remove stains. The most popular ingredients are: detergents (laundry or dishwashing), ammonia, and white vinegar. Mix any of these with warm water and blot out the stain with the solution. The web is filled with online resources on which solution can be used for a specific stain.

After cleaning off the stain with the right solution, all you then have to do is leave it to dry and vacuum it when it dries. That should prevent any stains from permanently sticking to your carpet.

Source by John S. Cunningham

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