Tips for Creating a Flyer for Your Carpet Cleaning Biz

The main goal of your carpet cleaning business is to get paying customers. There are different ways you can achieve this goal, but like with anything in business, it's going to take hard work and consistency. You have to be headstrong about marketing your services to prospects. It's common for business owners to lose motivation once they hit a rut. Every industry has a slow season, so you just have to plan accordingly. One way around dips in revenue caused by slow traffic is to enhance your marketing efforts. One way to do this is to create a flyer. In this flyer, you should go over your services, carpet cleaning equipment your company uses and unbeatable deals you're offering.

Designing flyers can be done all year round to help keep business coming in consistently. The flyers you make should be designed in a way that will make a great first impression to new prospects and act as a friendly reminder to customers who have dealt with you in the past. The sole purpose of a flyer is to pique the interest of prospects, so that they are more likely to make contact with your business.

What to Have in Your Flyer

There are key details that need to be included inside of your flyer, such as the following:

  • Services provided: Include a list of new and popular carpet cleaning services you offer and any equipment you use. You can point out any specific tile cleaning or portable carpet cleaning machines you have available.
  • Your rates: Do research to ensure that the rates you're offering are unsurpassed by your competitors.
  • Contact details: Do not forget to include company info, such as your phone number, address, email, website URL and hours of operation.

Creating Your Flyer

You can use Microsoft or another publishing software that has flyer-making capabilities. As you're designing your flyer, make sure to choose colors and images that look nice and professional. Brighter colors are good for grabbing the attention of the passersby.

Consider adding a tear off space, where people can rip off a piece of the flyer containing your business name, phone numbers and website address. In the rest of the flyer, advertise your biggest deals and most popular services. Do not forget to list the benefits of using your carpet cleaning services, and any special equipment you have. Also include any "specials" you may be offering at the time. Remember, it's about selling the sizzle not the steak!

Source by Jennifer Diaz

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