Tips for Red Wine Stain Removal

Ok, you're having a nice wine tasting party, focusing primarily on red wine. Suddenly, someone appears unexpectantly and bumps someone else and their glass of Merlot goes all over the place. What do you do now? Here are a few handy tips for getting out some of the most fearsome stains you can encounter in the home!

Removing Red Wine Stains from Carpet

Of all the places to spill red wine, the carpet will be the most obvious. Think about it. Do people spill wine behind furniture? Of course not. The stain will most likely be right out in the open for everyone to see. As luck would have it, most carpet will be fairly light in colour, so it means that spilled glass of Cabernet Sauvignon will stand out even more. Do not panic! If you are quick with it, there are simple household items that can remove it If the stain is still wet, quickly soak it up with some talcum powder, corn starch, baby powder, or even table salt. All these do is soak up the wine so it can be easily vacuumed up. If you apply any of these, it is best to leave them for a couple hours, or even overnight, to make sure that it is fully soaked up If the stain is already dry, no problem. However, you will need to get the stain wet again, which can be easily done using club soda. Pour the club soda on the stain and then use one of the aforementioned products.

Removing Red Wine Stains from Clothing

Getting these stains out of clothing can be just as easy as getting them out of carpet. If you spill some shiraz or syrah on your clothes, you need to first gently blot the stain, but do NOT try to rub it out. By rubbing, you could be driving the stain even deeper into the clothes and it will be even harder to get out. More than likely, this will happen in a restaurant. The best thing to use is club soda, which is available pretty much everywhere. Although it may not get all of it out right away, it can get enough out until you get home. Once home, take off the stained garment and use the talcum powder or corn starch (assuming the stain is still wet). If the stain is dry by the time you get home, simply apply some club soda. Once the stain is sufficiently wet, it should be a lot easier to remove, probably saving the garment from having to be thrown out!

Red wine can be one of the toughest stains to remove from any fabric. People can spend hundreds of dollars unnecessarily to remove the stains from last night's wine party, when some simple household items can do the job for you. So the next time you're having a wine party where a lot of red wine will be served, make sure you have a good supply of talcum powder, salt and club soda … just in case!

Source by Doug Arnold

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