Two Rug Cleaning Options for Your Rug

If you have a rug at home, you would most certainly understand how keeping it clean and fresh is important to keep it looking attractive and in good condition. This though is not always as easy as it seems. There are tons of problems just waiting around the corner to make your rug filthy and unhygienic, from dust, mud, stains, and the like. There are different cleaning options that you can make use of to get your carpet clean and spotless but choosing which one to go with can be a predicament. To guide you, here are some of the common cleaning options that you can use to clean your rug as well as some pros and cons that you might want to find out.

Steam Cleaning – Steam cleaning is a method that uses a steam cleaner device, which blows hot water at high pressure to remove the dust and dirt from your rug. This is why it is sometimes called hot water extraction. This is a great method to use if you are dealing with deep seated dirt and dust which ordinary vacuum cleaning will not remove. It is also effective in removing allergens and making your rug germ-free and hygienic. On the cons side, it is not that common for households to have a steam cleaner at home so you would need to rent the machine or hire professionals to do the job. Overall it is a very efficient technique, which you’ll find to be good in cleaning all types of rugs.

Shampooing – Shampooing your rug is another method that you can use. It is one of the simpler methods to do, as you just have to use a rug cleaning solution or shampoo on your rug and scrub the area to remove the dust and dirt. It can easily be done on your own but if you prefer not to do all the work yourself you can also get professionals to help you out. It is less costly as you’ll basically just need a carpet or rug shampoo and a brush to get the job done. The drawback with this method is that it will take some time to dry your rug before you can use it again. The carpet fiber can really soak up the water and it can take a while before you can return the carpet inside your home.

These are just two of the rug cleaning methods that you can use to make it clean and well maintained. Assess these options or try them out yourself to see which one would be most suited for your rug cleaning needs.

Source by John Dannon

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