Upholstery Cleaning: Why It Should Be on Your Home Upkeep List

Have you ever looked at your chairs, couches, and cushions and wondered when they changed color? The reason why your furniture looks so dull is because it is lacking in regular maintenance. While you are busy shampooing your carpets and shining your wooden pieces, your poor upholstered accessories are crying for care. Learn why upholstery cleaning should be at the top of your list when it comes to keeping your house fresh.

Germ-free Results

Your furniture sees a lot of traffic, which means it encounters tons of germs and allergy-causing dander on a daily basis. Imagine the number of people that have sat on your loveseat, the many animals that have rested on your armchair. If this isn’t enough to get you calling a professional for upholstery cleaning, then perhaps the germ factor will. Germs, including viruses that can make your family ill, love to thrive in your cushions and deep within the interior of your couches and chairs. A deep steam penetrating your surfaces can help keep your home protected and safe.

Bright and Fresh

You may also notice tons of stains along armrests and the backs of these surfaces that you can’t seem to remove no matter what you do. Using traditional tools that you have in your house can actually make things worse, leading to discoloration, warping of tender material, and the breaking down fibers that make your furnishings last. Use professional upholstery cleaning to give your settees and other pieces the like-new sheen they need. Gentle stain removal helps reinvigorate original patterns and colors, and makes your pieces look as if you just brought them home from the store.

When You Should Deep Cleanse

Perform upholstery cleaning twice a year or whenever you shampoo your carpets. This way, you can know that you’ve had the process done, allowing you to maintain your entire house more successfully. When you stick to a routine, you can help prevent neglect of all the pieces in your property.

Preventing Future Damage

Once you have had your home fully detailed and cleansed, you may be wondering how you can keep it looking that way. Simply covering your furnishings helps but also keeps you from really enjoying their beauty. Consider any of the following to protect these items instead:

– Keep wet wipes near your furniture

– Put expensive pieces in less-used areas

– Keep pets and small children away

– Have comfortable couches for regular use

Encourage family members to wash their hands often so you can prevent creating new stains on your items, and don’t let people eat in areas where they sit or lounge. This can help preserve your furnishings for longer periods of time.

When you are getting your house organized and free of germs and stains, don’t forget about your couches, chairs, and other pieces that you use often. You can have these areas cleaned professionally so every area of your residence is sparkling and ready for company. Add upholstery cleaning to your list of home maintenance tasks, and you will see the difference right away.

Source by Ace Abbey

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