Water Damage From Washing Machine

Water damage in the home can come from many sources, but one of the most common culprits is the washing machine. Every year, water leaks from washing machines cause substantial damage in homes across the country. However, there are easy steps can be taken to prevent this from happening to you. In order to prevent a leak and resulting damage, you should take measures to ensure all washing machine components are functioning properly.

Check the hoses connecting your washing machine to the water supply regularly. Inspect them for any corrosion and cracks. When moving your washing machine to a new location, replace the hoses. Also when purchasing a new machine, it is best to replace the hose and hose washers, as well. Steel braided hoses are the best choice, because they are durable and long lasting.

Inspect the valve used to shut off water to the machine to make sure it is working properly. You will be able to tell if the valve is not malfunctioning because water will drip from the valve when the machine is not in use. Be sure all hose clamps are tightened as well, so water cannot leak from that connection.

When your machine is not in use, it is best to turn off the water supply to the machine, because constant water flow into the machine can cause pressure to build up in the hoses and valves.

You should try and take steps to prevent water leaks from your washing machine; however, if the leak has been occurring for some time, or a supply line bursts, water damage is inevitable. Most of the damage may be below the surface of the floor or wall and not immediately evident from first glance. Water damage can cause mold and bacteria growth, as well as rot any wooden surfaces. If you suspect the machine has caused damage to your property, you should have a water damage repair specialist perform an assessment and if necessitated, begin the restoration process. If damage is not repaired, wood can rot and mold and bacteria can fester in the home.

Source by Morgan Vawter

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