Waves of Water Damage

Over the years,  water   damage  has become a huge deal. Gone are the days when a simple sweep and air drying of the flooring and  water   damaged  area could be considered proper situation control. The reasons of  water   damage  are many and varied. A broken pipe, broken dishwasher, leaking roof, leaking pipes,  damaged  plumbing, tub  water  overflow, faucet overflow, improper piping of washing machines, moisture, humidity, snow, rain, storms and floods are the some of the many causes of  damage  by  water . Some of these might seem harmless enough but if not treated properly and at the soonest, they can create some major problems and serious  damage  to property as well as health.

 Water  that causes  damage  is categorized into three different categories.  Damage  can be caused by ‘clean  water ‘ which does not pose any harm to human health. The water in this category comes from leaking or broken supply lines, flooding of tubs, faucets and water taps left open etc. The second category of  water  that causes  damage  is called ‘grey  water ‘ and has a particular degree of containment (chemical, bio-chemical etc). This kind of water usually comes from leakage in toilets (only urine, not feces), discharged water of washing machines, dishwashers etc and can cause sickness or discomfort when it comes in contact with the skin or when consumed. The third category consists of ‘black water’ and is highly unsanitary and dangerous. It comes from standing water, sewage water, ground surface water and seawater. It can cause extreme health problems for people and usually contains harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms.

The most serious  damage  posed by  water  is health related  damage . Flood water, sewage leakage and standing waters are breeding homes for mosquitoes and bacteria. It can cause diseases like dengue fever as it produces fungi which are very dangerous for human health and can cause breathing problems in them.  Water   damage  restoration is crucial for the health of the affected family’s members. It is very important to take steps in time to save the family and the home from any permanent  damage .

 Water  that seeps into the foundations of the building can cause serious  damage  by weakening the structure, dampening the supporting structures, and rotting the foundations. It can literally cause the building to sink. Water harms everything that comes in its way; furniture, electronics, clothes, books, carpets. Every household item is prone to  water   damage  in case of floods, rain storms and leakages. Water seepage into walls and closets due to leakages or humidity in the area is also a nuisance. It  damages  the walls and weakens them and causes rot and mold in the closets which destroys clothes, electronics and utensils.

 Water   damage  restoration is crucial to save and restore everything destroyed by  water . It includes various procedures such as extraction, drying, cleanups, dehumidification, sewage disposal, waste removal, sanitizing, odor control, cleaning and drying of furniture and carpets and countering the  damage  caused by mold and rot.

 Water   damage  restoration can be a lengthy process and demands a lot of patience. The help of experience and trained professionals can be sought who not only carry out restoration but also provide a strict guideline as to how to avoid  damage  in future and what steps to take if the situation ever recurs.

Source by Keith S

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