We All Need to Look Around

Today I see on the TV. That there is another food that is being recalled the Tomato has made people sick in seven States this is not the first but just one more sign that should make us stand up and take notice of just how fragile Our World and our urban Lives Really Are.

Also the floods in the Mid West and the extreme heat in the east, let us not forget the Earth Quakes and the price of fuel going Up. We all need to look around and make an Emergency Plan most of us do not have an Emergency Plan and most do not have any kind of back up plan if something were to happen.

According to the Department of Home Land Security less than 3% of the people living in the US have any kind of food storage or emergency preparedness supplies, that figure is ALARMING most of us do not even know how to make a emergency plan (or what should be on it) below is a simple Family Preparedness Checklist.

Protect your family from emergencies by developing a home emergency response plan. The following check list may help you in developing an emergency plan for your family to follow in any disaster. If your responses to the majority of the questions asked in the checklist are "yes," then you are well on your way to developing a plan. If your answers are "no" to all or most of these questions, then develop and implement a home plan as soon as possible.

Yes / No Do you have a home emergency plan? Does it cover all emergencies like fire, weather, etc.? Does your family practice this home emergency plan?

Yes / No Does your plan include smoke, gas and carbon monoxide detectors?

Yes / No Do you have a weather radio and do all members of your family know what the signals mean?

Yes / No Can each member of your family tell you two ways out of your home? If your second way out of a two-story home is a window, do you need a safety ladder? If you live in a high-rise, does your family know and practice two ways out of the building? (Remember that an elevator is never a way out during a fire.)

Yes / No Can all members of your family operate the locks, windows and doors for escape?

Yes / No Does your family understand to leave or seek shelter when an alarm sounds?

Yes / No Does each member of your family know where to go after evacuating your home?

Yes / No Does each member of your family know who to call for help and are the telephone numbers posted?

Yes / No In a weather-related emergency, does your family know where to seek shelter?

Yes / No Escape planning and smoke detectors are essential for getting everyone out safely. Are the batteries routinely replaced?

Yes / No Does your family understand that once they are outside, they should stay outside?

Yes / No Do you have a first-aid kit and is it fully stocked?

Yes / No Do you have a fire extinguisher and is it serviced?

Yes / No Do you encourage family members to take first-aid and CPR classes?

Yes / No If needed, do members of your family know how to shut off the water, gas and electricity to your home?

Yes / No Does your plan cover whom to call in case of a utility problem?

Yes / No Do you maintain a supply of tarps or plywood to cover openings created by a storm or fire?

Yes / No Do you have flashlights, radios, etc., and more importantly, batteries located in a central area known to all family members?

Yes / No Do you have a written inventory and photographs of all valuable items in your home? Do you have more than one copy located outside of your home?

Yes / No If you have pets, have you provided for them in your home emergency plan?

To find out more about getting prepared go to:


Source by Dell Facer

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