Wet Vacs and Carpet Stain Removal

When it comes to removing spots and stains in your carpet the most important thing is timing. The faster you address the stain the better chance you have of getting it out completely. But another very important factor in removing spots and stains is the type of equipment you use. A very handy tool that can make spot and stain removal ridiculously easier is a wet/dry, or shop vac.

Obviously, as with any type of work, the better equipment you use the more effective and efficient your results. This same concept can be applied to carpet cleaning. If you have a spill on your carpet wouldn’t it behoove you to choose the best tools to ensure its proper removal? Of course it would.

Enter the shop vac. This helpful item is an ideal bookend for carpet spot, spill, and stain removal. Here is how you should use it. When you have a spill or if you have a pet that has an accident or whatever the case may be, the very first thing you should do is use the vac to extract as much of the fluid as possible. Using the vac is much more effective than towels and takes significantly less time. Remember, this is the very first step.

What this will do for you is basically make the stain removal less difficult. After extraction what you have left is basically the bare minimum to clean up. A majority of the liquid is gone leaving what is essentially moist color or just dampness. Now you can start the actual cleaning process.

Depending on the type of spill there are a number of solutions available to you. If you have a pet stain then you might want to try a good spot remover or even a more natural combination of water and vinegar, or water and ammonia. If you have a spilled drink then you again can treat it with a spot remover or even a mixture of water and a mild soap detergent. The most important thing to remember with this step is to blot the spot. Do not ever rub at it. Rubbing will just push the spill further into your carpet, creating a bigger problem.

So your cleaning steps should essentially go as follows: spray, blot, rinse, extract. Repeat these steps until the problem area is gone. Once you have removed the stain you should always rinse again with some plain water and then do a final extraction. This will help prevent any build up of solvents from the cleaning process.

So there you go. Begin with the shop vac and end with it also. If you don’t already own one of these handy tools then it really would benefit you to pick one up. You don’t need the biggest one in the store. Just grab a small, inexpensive model and store it away in a closet until you need it. They will definitely prove to be a great investment.

Source by John Dannon

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