What Do Women Think – Does Penis Size Matter?

Does penis size matter to women? This has been an age old question that makes many men self conscious about their own size. Men think by having a small or average size member think that they are not that good when it comes to sexual relations. Did you know that performance matters more than size? People are bombarded today from marketing firms by stating that size really matters, but it has to do more with technique than anything else.

If you are in a sexual relationship with one woman, the technique matters more than the overall size. A lot of research has been made regarding size vs. performance, and their conclusion also concurs that performance is more important than size. Typically, a woman’s vagina will get accustomed to penis size of her single partner. She may experience pain if your unit is too large, and may not enjoy sexual relations with you.

Penis size does matter because some women are too scared to have something very large in their vagina. Women are happy with a normal average size, and they do not want to experience any pain while making love with you, which means that women would not their vagina’s split due to a larger penis from her sexual partner. Think about it this way, if you try to insert something that is too large that is not able to find space inside her will cause her pain in bed.

Why would you want to cause anyone pain during something so wonderful and natural? Sexual relations is a two way street where pleasure should be available to both.

The average size of a man’s penis is between four to six inches, so unless you are not able to perform well and leave your partner unsatisfied, you have nothing to worry about. If you have trouble learning how to perform then simply learn and pick up a few new tricks to assist you during foreplay that will give your woman great pleasure.

So in conclusion, does penis size matters? It only matters in the pornography industry, where many of the male actors have gone through painful penile surgery operations to increase the size of their penis. Stop worrying about your size. The woman that you are with isn’t. Remember, marketing firms and companies want you to buy their products, so they will go at great lengths trying to convince you and many females that size matters more than technique. If you are embarrassed because you do not know a lot of techniques like most men, take some time for yourself to learn and practice better techniques to get better in bed.

Source by Robin Lozano

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