What is Steam House Cleaning?

Steam cleaning utilities the power of steam to rid items of dirt, bacteria, dust mites, stains and odors. As it is an all natural way to maintain cleanliness in your home it is popular due to its absence of harsh chemicals. It is a highly convenient addition to any professional cleaner’s service. There are some benefits of steam house cleaning:

The lack of potentially harmful chemicals common in other cleaning products, make steam cleaning an environmentally friendly and cost effective way to maintain your home. It is safe enough to use on clothing as it leaves no toxic residue on surfaces and won’t stain. Steam also kills well known bacteria such as e-coli, listeria, and salmonella so is great for cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

Using a professional cleaning company to steam clean your home will also assist in general home maintenance by assisting in repelling stains in the future, making fabrics easier to clean and enhancing the life of fabrics and couches by up to three times. Regular foot traffic and quick vacuum cleans reduce the strength and aesthetics of your carpet, however professional routine steam cleaning will not only help to preserve the quality of your carpet but will maximize its life expectancy.

Where can I steam clean?

In short, anywhere as steam cleaning can be used in the bedroom and lounge on windows, window frames, mirrors, curtains and drapes, flooring and carpets, stairs and hallways, hearths and generally any painted surface. It can be used in the kitchen to remove stubborn grease from cookers, oven tops, grills and barbecues, tiled floors and walls, to clean grout, disinfect work surfaces, clean fridges and freezers and to defrost freezers in a fraction of the time. That means less time charged from the professional cleaner! In the bathroom it effectively removes mold and calcium build-up from around the taps and shower heads, tiled walls, grout, porcelain or chrome and disinfects toilet bowls.

It is not only useful around the interior of the house, however. Steam cleaning can be used on outdoor plastic furniture or fiberglass, on garden tools and lawnmowers, to kill weeds and clean algae from swimming pools and any pool toys. It also helps to disinfect slides and other outdoor toys loved by your child or pet usually ignored when doing a cursory clean.

What else can I steam clean?

Extra cleaning power includes jewelery, shoes and boots, high chairs and children’s eating utensils. In terms of clothing, not only does it remove stains, it also removes odors and irons out wrinkles without having to use an iron. Smelly pet beds can also get the hygienic clean they need with a steam clean as it removes all bacteria and strips it of that ‘pet odor’ that makes people cringe.

Using professional steam cleaners to regularly maintain the hygiene and beauty of your home and belongings is important in preserving their vitality. Just like your favorite pair of shoes, a house is still just an object; ignoring it and letting it go will only serve to reduce its life expectancy.

Source by Adriana A Noton

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