Why Penis Size Matters!

There could be several reasons why penis size matters to you. Maybe it is because you are very small, and just want to add an inch or so for increased self esteem. It could also be because you have been reading those magazines your woman leaves open to certain articles about 'what women want'! In recent studies and surveys, women are confessing that they really want their man to be extremely well endowed! They especially want us to gain more thickness. Whew! Talk about pressure! A few years back, the magazines talked about slowing down, and being more in touch to please her in the bedroom. Now, they tell us we are too small to get the job done! Obviously, the search is on for finding the best way to get a bigger penis!

You could try some of those male enhancement pills, although I have yet to talk to anyone who ever gained any size from taking them. The pills are just herbs and mineral extracts, so there is nothing in them that could possibly increase growth.

Maybe a penis pump would add some size. Or, what about wearing one of those stretching contraptions for an hour or so each day? Both devices are inconvenient, and to be honest, really are quite useless for adding permanent size to your penis.

You really want to keep you woman satisfied, and give her the fullest sexual enjoyment you can. This is why penis size matters so much to both men, and women. With a thick penis the woman gets a feeling of being filled during sex. Her vagina is very sensitive to this thickness. Just as a man wants her to have a tight vagina, she also wants that tighter feeling. If you are too small to provide that satisfaction, you must do something about it.

The best way to get a larger penis, both in length and circumference, is with all natural penile exercises. There are specific exercises that concentrate on gains in both length, and that all important girth. In fact, medical studies prove that 95% of the men using exercise as an enlargement method gained from 1 to 4 inches in length, and over an inch in thickness! The most recent study lasted for 6 months, so those gains actually happened pretty quick. It seems to me that those kind of gains should keep your woman very pleased!

Now that you know why penis size matters you should really take some action to beef up your package. Find a good program online, so you can order privately, and get started. Both you, and your woman will be well pleased as you begin to grow dramatically during the next few months. Every inch you gain from penile exercises will be permanent, so you can stop the program when you reach the size you want. They only take about 10 minutes a day to perform, so time commitment should not be an excuse. Get started today, and keep her happy. Remember, if mama is not happy, no one is happy!

Source by William Lee Stevens

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