Why Sexual Purity Matters So Much – Before You Say I Do

Sexual Purity

God is not a cosmic prude, he is the author of sex and reserves it exclusively for marriage, sex is not something to be taken lightly and done casually for the sheer physical pleasure of it. He reserves it for marriage because its precious when a husband and wife gives their bodies, willingly to each other.

Some may say I would never marry someone without “kicking the tires” or take my fiance for a “test drive” in order to know what I’m getting,i.e  whether we will be sexually compatible.

These things can and should be discussed beforehand (its not the most romantic thing to do); but according to God’s word it still doesn’t justify pre marital sex. This may defy logic to some as its spiritually discerned and is considered foolishness to those who are perishing. 1Cor 1v18

A Part Of You

When you have sex with someone, you become a part of that person and vice versa, all the people they have had sex with before you can affect you and your fiance as well, via some really dangerous diseases and unresolved feelings for former lovers as sex does carry a lot of emotions for some.

Considering the fact that pregnancy is possible with sex, God wants a child to have two loving parents, who love each other in marriage, to welcome them into the world. That doesn’t always happen as sometimes neither parent is deemed fit to raise the child; but that is God’s Ideal.

In Hebrews 13v4 it says Marriage is honorable and the bed UNDEFILED; but fornicators and adulterers; God will judge. God is a loving God and a just God; God is of purer eyes than to look upon sin.God made us for a reason. 

God Is Sovereign

He is sovereign and make demands, ultimately for our own good, to spare us from the bad consequences of sin.  we are not made for ourselves; but for him to have a relationship with us. Think about it. God did not negotiate or ask our permission before he created us.

Purity and integrity matters to God, even as its sneered at, in today’s popular culture with all the crude influences and references and are quick to throw out the word “judgmental” to try to silence any criticism of immoral behavior, no matter how “freakazoid.”  No human is perfect; but when you care enough to tell a person they’re headed in the wrong direction, that is not being self righteous.

God’s admonition against pre-marital sex is given for our benefit, not to deprive us; but instead is meant to protect us from disease, being haunted by former lovers and separation from God. As Author Pam Stencil titled her book “Sex Has A Price Tag.”

If you disobey God and are unwilling to wait and exercise self control, until your wedding night before engaging in “relations” what makes you think that either spouse will truly be able to resist the temptation to commit infidelity when the opportunity arises once you are married?

Medical Tests:

You and your spouse have a past and it can affect your future, you both may need to get tested for HIV, Herpes, Hepatitis B and C, Chlamydia among others.


Holding on to that stash of porn is not going to help you be sexually pure, its degrading and disrespectful to your future spouse, is not the hallmark of a lifelong marriage. Those images will be seared in your mind, especially for men and what was once so exciting and you start to crave more and more extreme and harmful forms to try to hold on to that initial “high” porn gave you,

Respect your future spouse and God,enough to make your marriage a porn free zone, if you think it will liven things up on your wedding night and beyond, it won’t. Sexual purity matters to God and it should matter to you.

Source by Ebong A Umana

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