Why Should I Not Make My Computer Faster for Free?

Every time I switch on my computer it takes ages to boot and the moment I try to run a program it throws up and error message. Some amateur sleuthing that I did points a finger at the registry and I am convinced that errors in the registry are the culprits. The solution is to immediately invest in a good registry cleaner that will make my computer work faster and more efficiently.

As I browse for information I find that more than half of the registry cleaner software is available over the web some at highly discounted rates and some even for free. I tried using some of them and sad to say but true enough is the fact that none of this software is really safe. In fact they can pose fatal issues to your computer. Now I know what I should not make my computer faster for free.

These free online registry software are encrypted with the scariest sort of viruses and malware and you would need nothing else to slow down your system and even in the worst case scenario cause a system breakdown. These programs that come together with the free registry cleaner software enter your system the instant you install these software. Lesson 2 as to why I should not make my computer faster for free.

The registry cleaner is also found to be causing a lot of irrevocable harm to your PC. It will not only take the longest ever duration to scan but in the process deleted crucial information from the system with the help of a bizarre algorithm. I think it is just a global waste of time and resources trying to make my computer for free.

The moment I downloaded the free registry cleaner came with it shareware which showscases products from lots of companies and pop ups appear every other second creating headaches. These are something to take adequate care of.

I warn you again and once and for all have decided that I will not make my computer faster for free. So what next?

There is numerous software available in their full and legal version with all valid licenses available at fairly affordable prices in the market today. They are non toxic and will make your computer as good as new. They come with lots of features and other special add-ons like automatic back up, file restoration and are safe from viruses, malware, spyware or scare ware.

A licensed registry cleaner is guaranteed to remove all unnecessary files and values ​​from your computer as well as registry, fix registry errors and take away all junk. Your computer will run faster and you will never have to wait forever for working on your system.

If you are a first timer about what a registry is all about then you should definitely invest in a good registry cleaner. Trust my word it does not help to make your computer faster for free.

Source by May Tam

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