Your Carpets Need Stretching Too

It is really very irritating if you happen to stumble over your carpets because of the wrinkles that get formed over it. Over prolonged periods of time, the carpet becomes loose from its moorings at the edges and gets wrinkled or loosened. When the carpet is initially installed, it is secured at the edges by tacks to keep it in place. Due to activities like vacuuming that pull the carpet, and dragging of heavy furniture across, the carpet gets a little loose.

A regular process of  carpet   stretching  would remove the wrinkles and get the  carpet  back in its original shape, making it look as good as new! The most convenient way of doing this is to get professional help, as the method of  stretching  would necessitate the moving and shifting of heavy furniture before side tacks on  carpet  can be removed.

The whole process is quite painless and creates no fuss. It would hardly take one hour to complete the job, though it primarily depends on the size of the carpet and the room. It is not advisable to do the job on your own as the  stretching  of the  carpet  is not a one man job. It certainly involves quite a bit of labor.

The expense of getting you  carpet   stretched  depends on the quality of  carpet  and its size. However, it will be fair to calculate the average expense as about fifty cents per square foot. Since thicker  carpets  would need a lot of labor for being  stretched , the expense will go up proportionately. If you need the carpet to be trimmed, the skilled workers from the service provider will do this as well.

You can easily find out when the  carpet  needs to be  stretched . All you need to do is to conduct a very simple test. You just try to pull the carpet at its central point and try holding it there for a few minutes and then release it. Now, if the  carpet  neatly bounces back to its place and remains tight, most likely you don’t need professional services for getting it  stretched .

However, in case the  carpet  doesn’t come back to its place and shape and wrinkles get formed, you surely need that  carpet  to be  stretched . Another way to know the status of your carpet in this regard is to be watchful while vacuuming your carpet. Should you notice formation of wrinkles while vacuuming your  carpet , you can be certain that it requires  stretching .

Some of you may still be considering it as an easy DIY project. In that case, here are some helpful tips for you to facilitate the process to the maximum possible extent. Make sure that you have at least two more people to extend a helping hand. It is recommended to have someone with exposure to carpentry for the removal of tacks and fixing them after completion of stretching.

Sometimes, the carpet may need trimming and that would require a steady hand. You’ll also require manual labor for shifting of heavy furniture before going ahead with the process of stretching.

Source by Karina Popa

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